How To Use The Career Compounding Quadrant to Get More Equity

As I prepare to release my first book, No Dough To IPO,  one key piece that I want to over-communicate to you is:

When you understand how to trade your time and talent for equity AT THE RIGHT COMPANY, you prioritize your long-term financial independence.

That’s why I created a new conceptual model to help you learn:

  • how to build career capital, and
  • how to select tech companies as an investor.

Your long-term financial security is on the line.

The Career Compounding Quadrant : How It Works

If you’re familiar with Robert Kiyosaki’s cashflow quadrant, the career compounding framework follows a similar structure.

It consists of 4 quadrants –

1. COMPOUNDING (Top Right)

2. HOPING (Top Left)

3. GAINING (Bottom Right)

4. DRIFTING (Bottom Left)

I’ve designed the career compounding quadrant as a  reference point for you to be able to evaluate the company you’re working for and how you’re moving forward in building your career capital.

For example, if you’re in the HOPING quadrant, you’ve probably got a substantial amount of career growth under your belt, but you’re still “speculating” regarding how much the company you’re working for can “reward” you for your time invested. You’re simply HOPING that it will do well without a foundation for your hope.

If you’re in the GAINING quadrant, maybe you’ve been out of college for 4-5 years and after your strategic due diligence period, you chose a stellar company with amazing growth. Therefore,  you’re sitting on a 500-800K  RSU package at a very young age.  Your goal now is to attain high career capital by gaining career experience and producing results!

The Career Compounding Quadrant : Get More Equity

I see real-life examples of all four quadrants all the time.

The ultimate goal in sharing this framework with you is to help you move to the COMPOUNDING quadrant where, for every hour you work, you get a compounding factor of equity!

In today’s video I’m going to show you how to do that by:

  • Giving you a deep-dive understanding of the quadrants and how to move between them
  • Transforming the way you select a tech company to work for
  • Helping you move from low-value career capital to high-value career capital

If you’re ready to trade your time and talent for compounding equity, this video is for you!


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