How To Get The Sleep You Need With An Effective Nighttime Routine

How you perform at your job the next day starts with the night before.  We hear a lot about morning routines, but little about how an effective nighttime routine boosts your productivity and energy levels for the next day.

The truth is if you implement a good nighttime routine along with an effective morning routine, you  have the most opportunity to “win the day.”

In the beginning of 2020, I was on a quest to get better sleep. I tracked my sleep cycles with my Garmin tracker which monitors light and deep sleep. What I found out was discouraging—on average, I was only getting 2 and half hours of deep sleep a night.

I knew I needed to change something to get better sleep, so after some research, I created an intentional nighttime routine to set myself up for the best sleep possible. The outcome was amazing. I went from 2.5 hours of DEEP sleep a night to almost 4 hours a night on average just by implementing a nighttime routine!

The best thing about it is that I felt so much better the next day and it’s been even easier to start my morning routine when I stay on track with my nighttime routine. In this week’s video, I go into detail about why a nighttime routine is so effective.

You’ll learn:

  • How better sleep boosts your productivity
  • My nighttime routine including my brain dumping sessions and no-screen zone
  • How to create your own routine and track your sleep progress

If you’re ready to GET GROUNDED and “win the day” with an effective nighttime routine, this video is for you!

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