Are You Thinking Like An Investor or A Speculator?

What does it take to think like an investor instead of a speculator? And not just any investor. One who trades their time and talent in a carefully selected tech company for the greatest possible equity potential.

Furthermore, once you’ve gone through an IPO event, how do you think like an investor when it comes to managing your wealth?

My most important piece of advice? You have to know yourself and your emotional biases. This is the major difference between an investor and a speculator.

A speculator sees an investment, looks for the upside/benefit, and puts their money into it without a lot of research. On the flip side, investors take on an active role in understanding their investments instead of simply letting someone else manage their wealth. Most people think they are investors as long as they have investments, but unless you know your emotional biases, are risk-focused, and have a plan to understand the investment, you’re really just a speculator.

If you want to think like an investor instead of a speculator, you have to take the time to fully understand the following components:

  • Your motivations behind investing
  • Pre-existing emotional biases toward investments
  • The risk associated with an investment
  • Clear criteria on how to move forward on the investment

In this week’s Wealthward Fast Focus, I go in-depth about which questions you should be asking yourself as you decide where to invest your time and talent, plus how to create a rinse-and-repeat framework for approaching your investments as a tech employee.

Are you ready to become a thoughtful investor of your time, your talent, and your money? If you want to be more than a speculator, then this video is for you.

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