5 Networking Momentum Indicators That Successful People Unlock

Is your passion for learning contagious? Do you have a constant curiosity about new topics?

Are you willing to take that curiosity and enter into a mentoring relationship to grow in your understanding and industry-specific knowledge?

If so, you might be setting yourself up for massive career growth.

The Importance of Mentoring Relationships To Grow Your Career: Mentees

My friend, mentor, and colleague, Hunter Thompson, has a great framework for the qualities that successful people unlock when they enter into mentoring relationships, whether formal or informal.

Hunter’s 5 Key Momentum Indicators

  1. A Sense of Urgency
  2. High speed of execution – short time frame from ideation to completion of a task or project
  3. Attention to detail/ high demand for excellence
  4. Obsession with growth
  5. Curiosity about new topics

When you as the mentee display these qualities, it’s a huge GREEN FLAG to the mentor that you are willing to maximize the opportunity to learn and grow.

The Importance of Mentoring Relationships To Grow Your Career: Mentors

For mentors,  we also discussed the very important perspective of becoming part of someone else’s success story instead of letting  someone else take on that crucial role. You have an incredible opportunity to help someone else succeed!

This was a truly insightful discussion on building your network and growing your career through mentoring relationships. Hunter speaks from direct experience on both sides of the coin—as a mentor and a mentee.

If you’re ready to unlock these key networking momentum indicators and experience real growth in your career, this video is for you! 

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