How To Leverage Your Morning Routine For Your Sanity

2020: The year the whole world turned upside-down. Who’s with me?

We’ve lost familiar routines and traditional methods of communication, which, if we’re honest, has left us feeling lost and more than a little frazzled. Throw on top of that your kids being at home 24-7 PLUS a presidential election cycle, and you’ve got the makings of pure chaos.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to leverage your morning routine for your sanity…

and your productivity…

…and ultimately your success.

You may not feel like you have the time right now, but if you don’t make the time, the personal pandemonium you’re feeling will only GROW. You need to ground yourself first thing in the morning to face the daily grind WELL.

Leverage Your Morning Routine For Your Sanity: A Framework

Before you start a morning routine, there are some great thought leaders in this space. Carve out some time one weekend to read Hal Elrod’s The Miracle Morning or Jeff Sander’s 5 Am Miracle.

You can customize your own morning routine based on these effective frameworks for crushing the day before 8am. 💪

Leverage Your Morning Routine For Your Sanity: My Routine

I go in depth in today’s video about my custom morning routine. I can’t imagine daily life without it. In fact, if I don’t get to it for some reason, I feel incredibly awkward, like something just isn’t right. I talk about my daily habits of meditation, body movement, exercise, writing pomodoros and more!

Leverage Your Morning Routine For Your Sanity: Stay Accountable

Finally, one of the most important aspects of starting a morning routine is staying on track. I use a specific app that helps me keep track of my progress, and when I have a visual representation of that progress, I’m more likely to stick with my routine.

Ready to adopt a morning routine that increases your sanity and reduces your anxiety? This video is for you!

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