The 3 Biggest Threats To Your Tech Equity Position

I speak with a lot of investors and here’s what I’ve observed.

First Threat To Your Tech Equity Position: “Letting It Ride”

As people are creating very large equity positions, they get nervous. They don’t trust Wall Street, but they don’t know how to diversify, so they “let it ride”.

Here’s the problem, though. When you have 80% of your wealth in a single stock, you’re bound to be anxious. Your stress level will fluctuate with the up sand downs of the market.

Second Threat To Your Tech Equity Position: Your Lifestyle

Another threat to your tech equity is leveraging your equity to prop up an extravagant lifestyle. Maybe you’re divesting on a quarterly basis and liquidating your equity. If you’re using those payouts to pay for a larger mortgage or expensive car, you won’t be setting yourself up for a secure financial future.

Third Threat To Your Tech Equity Position: No Cashflow

Alternatively, if all of your investments are held up and none of them are paying you NOW, you’re missing a big opportunity to build passive income. A passive income portfolio is a crucial step to building wealth and living well.

So, if you don’t really know what’s happening with your money, you’re paying exorbitant fees, or you don’t know how to diversify, watch this week’s video!

You’ll learn how to:

  • Avoid the common pitfalls of managing large equity positions
  • Make educated investments in something that PAYS YOU now 
  • Become part of a transparent investment process

If you’re ready to manage your equity in a way that sets you up for financial freedom in the long term, this video is for you.

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