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Wealthward Capital is a private equity investment firm that educates investors and provides institutional quality investments. We help technology employees grow their car`eers, build wealth and make an impact.

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Set Your Sights Wealthward

As Tech Employees, We Work Tirelessly and Get Paid Well for Doing So, but What is the Light at the End of Our Tunnel?

You dream of financial independence—the day your hard work will finally pay off, but do you have a clear path for how to get there or how long it will actually take?

Living The Common Myth

Putting In More Hours Will Get You Closer to Financial Independence

  • ︁Work tirelessly at a promising tech company
  • ︁Contribute to your IRA and 401k
  • ︁Feel overexposed in the stock market
  • ︁Are unsure how your tech equity can generate passive income
  • ︁Know there must be a better way

Feeling "stuck" is common between tech employees who work hard, earn a good wage, yet don't have an exit strategy in place.

"There MUST be a better way to build wealth and become financially independent faster!"  
—You, yesterday.

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"If you are looking for help to take your real estate investing to the next level, I would recommend working with Christopher and his awesome team at Wealthward Capital."

Meet Our Founder

About Christopher Nelson

Christopher Nelson is a passive investor and Founder of Wealthward Capital, a real estate investment firm with 3,000+ multi-family units, an ATM fund, and a mobile home park fund, which helps tech employees build wealth through education and creating passive income portfolios.

Christopher is also a Senior Director @GitLab. Previously @Splunk & @Accenture.

Look for his book, From No Dough to IPO, releasing Spring 2022.

Meet the Team
Christopher Nelson of Wealthward Capital
The Wealthward 4-Step PLan

Going from No Dough to Passive Investing Pro

It all starts with us gaining absolute clarity on your passive income goals—how much passive income do you want monthly, quarterly, annually?

At Wealthward, we educate you on the basics of investing in passive real estate assets. Once a great deal comes across our table, we invite you to co-invest with us. Once you’re invested, we'll continue to build a passive income portfolio together to get you to your goal.

Your financial independence is closer than you think:

Step 1

Understand Your Income Goals

Step 2

Learn Real Estate Investing Basics

Step 3

Co-Invest with Wealthward

Step 4

Build a Passive Income Portfolio

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"Since the beginning, we connected on some fundamental values: Transparency, Education, and Facts. If you want low touch, low risk, and long term sustainable wealth, work with Wealthward."

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The Latest Investment Opportunity in Our Passive Income Portfolio

By investing in real estate, our investors generate completely passive, quarterly returns.

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Many of us started off unsure and unaware, yet quickly learned that passive real estate investing offers more predictable and less volatile cashflow to our income portfolio than stocks. Diversifying into passive real estate is the secret to building wealth.

"Wealthward Capital has grown to be a trusted advisor and someone I often turn to for advice. I look forward to continuing to grow my real estate portfolio with Christopher’s guidance."