The Team

Get to Know the Team Behind Wealthward Capital's Success

We are an independent, remotely-distributed team of a few, passionate folks on a mission to reach true financial independence help our tech employee investors do the same. We do this by partnering with top-performing sponsors/operators with a strong track record for successful asset management and meeting or exceeding investor returns.

Our team consists of tech employees, real estate investors, financial analysts, deal hunters, designers, marketers, writers, genealogists, musicians, immigrants, gardeners, barbecuers, hiking & road trip enthusiasts—you name it.

Over the years, our team has acquired 3000+ multi-family units with the help of 100+ tech employee investors, bringing our total portfolio value to $294M.

Leadership Team

Christopher Nelson of Wealthward Capital
Co-Founder & Principal

Christopher Nelson

Christopher Nelson is the Co-Founder and Principal of Wealthward Capital, a private equity investment firm. Wealthward Capital invests in cash flowing, institutional grade assets—view our portfolio. His focus is meeting with operators and finding the next investment. When not out looking for opportunities, Christopher is spending time with investors educating them on building thriving passive income portfolios.

Christopher is a twenty plus year technology executive (2 x IPOs), real estate investor, educator, and author. He has built professional services practices, run small businesses and helped take Splunk (SPLK) through an IPO and grow to a billion-dollar company. Christopher has a proven track record of building strong partnerships, win-win negotiations and finding great opportunities where others are not looking.

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Co-Founder & General Partner

Regine Nelson

Regine Nelson is a marketing communications maven, serial entrepreneur and experienced real estate investor. Real estate investing has always been a passion of hers as she’s focused on creating passive income to achieve financial independence and wants to help others do the same. Regine currently manages an active portfolio of 10 SFH properties and 2 AirBnBs in the Austin, Texas area.

At Wealthward Capital, Regine advises the team in matters pertaining to marketing, administration and client relations. During the day, Regine serves as the Internal Communication Lead, North America for a global cloud communications company. In addition, Regine is a Texas REALTOR® and owner at Wealthward Realty, a real estate brokerage firm that specializes in investment properties and property management for financially independent- minded individuals. Her focus is helping people achieve their financial goals in order to live out their dreams and pursue their passions.

Regine and Christopher live in Central Texas with their 3 sons. Together, they love hiking, biking, entertaining and teaching their sons about technology, real estate and entrepreneurship.

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Director of Outreach & Growth

Chris Arias

Chris Arias is the Director of Outreach and Growth at Wealthward Capital and the Wealthward Family of Brands. His role is to help technology employees discover Wealthward Capital and introduce them to our brand. He is a passionate passive investor who wants to help educate technology employees on the need and benefits of real estate investing.

Chris is a growth specialist having spent the last seven years helping real estate syndicators grow across various asset classes leveraging technology. He is deeply skilled in building web-based advertising and marketing campaigns. In 2021 he joined Wealthward Capital to be a part of the next phase of growth.  When not on the phone with Google, you will find Chris wandering the outdoors in his beloved 4Runner. 

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3,389 Units

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3,890 ATMs

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