How We Create Passive Income Through Real Estate

Our data-centric approach.

Since moving from Silicon Valley to Austin, TX, Regine and I have created our own “real estate laboratory.” Our goal? Diversify out of stocks and create multiple passive income streams through real estate to carry us to retirement and beyond!

We like to think of ourselves as real estate scientists! And, what do scientists do? They run experiments to collect data.

So, over the past few years, we’ve been investing, buying, selling, hacking and syndicating. Because it’s our mission to bring you the BEST active and passive real estate solutions! Regine is on the ACTIVE real estate investing side through Wealthward Realty and I’m on the PASSIVE real estate investing side through Wealthward Capital.

Here are a few examples of how we are testing, trying, proving, and building our real estate portfolio in our laboratory.

We’re building passive income through real estate by:

  1. High-end house-hacking – Have you ever heard that your house is your greatest asset? Well, we think it’s actually a BIG liability, so we’ve taken strategic steps to turn our house into a cash flowing property. Watch the video to find out how we did it!
  2. Purchasing single family homes – We purchased our primary residence PLUS five single family homes in Texas for the price of our small home in the Bay Area. We actively manage these properties as part of our real estate portfolio.
  3. Participating in apartment syndications – We invest in apartment syndications through central Texas corridor—Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio. We’ve partnered with two amazing operators, Ashcroft Capital and Wildhorn Capital, and brought in other investors to pool our money and buy apartment buildings.

BONUS: We’re get all of our passive income from syndications TAX-FREE! Learn how in the video.

As you can see, our real estate laboratory has been busy! We’re doing it all to help YOU move Wealthward by bringing you only the best, tried-and-proven real estate investment advice.