The Top 6 Reasons You Should Invest in Real Estate

Get paid short-term AND build equity.

Diversifying your investments into assets that have no correlation to the stock market will free you from the stress of stock market fluctuations. That’s why at Wealthward Capital, we advocate for tech employees to invest in real estate to build a passive, income-producing portfolio—for cash flow and to achieve long-term financial independence.

But why real estate? Here’s six really GREAT reasons why.

Investing in Real Estate for Cash Flow

Real estate is a cash flow asset. By purchasing the right asset, on day 1, your income is greater than the expenses, and so there’s cash flowing into your bank account.

Investing in Real Estate for Tax Benefits

You make more when you pay less taxes. Having depreciation that can offset passive income is very important. You can take home much more of your passive income than a W-2 job, so you need to make less to become financially independent.

Investing in Real Estate for Equity

Depending on the real estate investment, renters pay down a portion of the principal for you. You own more of this asset over time.

Investing in Real Estate or Appreciation

With commercial properties,  appreciation can be forced. If you increase the net operating income, you actually increase the value of the building.

Investing in Real Estate for Non-correlation to the Stock Market

Non-correlation to the stock market. Real estate operates on a different set of principles than the market. Fluctuations in real estate are a lot slower and a lot less stressful.

Investing in Real Estate for Scalability

Opportunities abound to divest from your stock portfolio and invest across the U.S. At Wealthward Capital, you can participate in apartment syndications, which allows you to scale, continue to invest, and create a large passive income stream.

If you’re ready to eliminate the stress and risk of following the stock market and begin  understanding how to build a real estate portfolio that PAYS YOU MONEY, watch this video!